Thanks to everyone who ordered from the 2020 plant and trout sales. We hope you are happy with your plants and fish and are having a great summer! We are hard at work on important conservation work, including the operation of Vermont Public Access Greeter Programs at Harriman and Somerset Reservoir and Lake Raponda. These programs help protect Windham County from invasive aquatic species such as Millfoil and Zebra Mussels, among others.

Other work being competed right now includes scoping for potential buffer planting and stormwater projects, outreach, education and technical assistance for agricultural producers in Windham County and efforts to restore and conserve wetlands, just to name a few. Please reach out if the Conservation District can help you with:

-Buffer plantings to protect streams and rivers

-Nutrient Management Planning for Certified Small Farm Operations (CSFOs) or small farms that mechanically spread manure and nutrients

-Identifying potential wetland sites on agricultural property that may be suitable for restoration and conservation – funding may be available for this work!

-Addressing water quality or other natural resource issues or concerns you may have observed around the county

The mission of the Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District (WCNRCD) is to advance conservation awareness to all citizens so that people understand and act on basic principles of rational use and care of Windham’s environment. 

To ensure the wise use, protection and enhancement of Windham County’s farmland, woodland, water and related natural resources.

To Provide leadership for conservation issues in Windham County.

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