Farm Teams

What are Farm Teams?

Farm Teams are designed for agricultural producers who work with multiple agricultural service providers (i.e. NRCS, UVM Extension, Vermont Agency of Agriculture Food and Markets, grazing specialists, business planners, seed/fertilizer consultants). We know that keeping them all up-to-date on your operation can be burdensome and time consuming.  We want to help coordinate your service providers by facilitating group meetings at strategic times throughout the year for focused discussion with you about your farming and conservation goals.  We believe that by streamlining coordination with your partners, we can provide more useful assistance to you and your farm!

The mission of the Farm Team is to streamline agricultural assistance and improve farm viability, while increasing adoption of on-farm conservation practices. These meetings will be scheduled at your convenience and may be held on-farm or virtually via video conference call.  The District will work with you to set up the type of meeting that will work best for you and your operation. Prior to each of these meetings, District staff may contact you to gather any documents, maps, or updates that may be helpful to share with members of your Farm Team.


First, fill out the Farm Teams Intake form either through the Google Forms link, . Or you may print, fill out and sign the below form and mail to: Heather Blunk, Windham NRCD, 28 Vernon Street, Suite 332 Brattleboro, VT 05301 or scan and email to [email protected]. Here is the form:

Next we will schedule a meeting with you to go over your goals and needs.

Following that meeting we will gather all of the necessary materials, contact all of the participating partners and schedule a larger meeting where we can all meet. 

Benefits of Farm Teams

  • No extra cost to the producer
  • Streamlined workflow
  • Meeting coordination
  • Guaranteed two meetings per year