Japanese Stilt-grass Early Detection Rapid Response

Japanese Stilt-grass has been found in the Whetstone Brook watershed in the Brattleboro area. This invasive plant species is still in the earliest stages of its introduction to Windham County, which present the opportunity to prevent it’s widespread establishment if we take prompt action.

Windham NRCD has been awarded funds from the Silvia O Conte NWR to lead an early detection, rapid response (EDRR) initiative. This program is focused on the area immediately surrounding the Whetstone Brook in Brattleboro. However, we are interested in any detections of this species in the county. The videos linked below provide a good overview of these species and how to identify it. If you think you have found stilt-grass on your property, please contact the district at [email protected] or 802-689-3024 as soon as possible.