Recordings of CISMA Webinars

The Invasive Species Webinars are recorded and will be made available online afterwards. Here are the links to view these videos:

SE VT CISMA Webinar: Buckthorn Bonanza: Everything You’ll Need to Know to Identify an Combat this Invasive Plant Species.

originally aired September 7, 2021

SE VT CISMA Webinar: Online Mapping Tools for Landowners with Andrew Morrison

originally aired June 1, 2021

Invasive Plant Series: Navigating Free Online Resources – Learn. Get Involved. Make a Difference!  With Elizabeth Spinney from VT Forests Parks and Recreation

originally aired March 23, 2021

Invasive Earthworms: The second wave… what we know
originally aired February 10, 2021

Intro to invasive plants – What is an invasive plant and what resources are available to help you fight them? – originally aired September 16, 2020

Backyard Invasives – originally aired September 30, 2020

Invasives in the Woods, originally aired October 14:

Non-Chemical Management of Invasive Species – Originally aired October 28

Chemical Management of Invasive Species – Originally aired November 11

Preventing Establishment of Invasive Species – Early Detection as a First Line of Defense – Originally aired December 9