About Us

Founded in 1946, the Windham county Natural Resources Conservation District (WCNRCD) is one of 14 conservation districts in the state of Vermont. What began as primarily an interest in soil erosion prevention now encompasses all natural resources and especially water quality. The function of the District is to focus and coordinate available technical, financial and educational resources to meet the needs of Windham County land users. Districts encourage volunteer cooperation of landowners and the general public through information and education. They also inform local, state and federal elected officials about the implication of on-the-ground conservation issues that they address. The Windham District works closely with the Natural Resources Conservation Service and in partnership with all Vermont Conservation Districts.

Windham NRCD serves all who live, work and play within Windham County. The map below details the extent of the district’s boundaries:

Windham NRCD also coordinates with our neighbors in the Ottauquechee Natural Resources Conservation District to assist agricultural producers in portions of their district. The below map details the full extent of the area that Windham NRCD can provide agricultural support services to. If you are an agricultural producer looking for assistance, please visit contact the district’s agricultural resource specialist, Heather Blunk at [email protected]