Skidder Bridge

Portable Skidder Bridge Rental Program

Stream crossings are a common challenge for loggers throughout Vermont. Portable Skidder Bridges, available for rent, allow loggers to harvest timber while following the “Acceptable Management Practices for Maintaining Water Quality on Logging Jobs in Vermont” (AMPs). Portable bridges are easy to transport, install and remove for re-use at multiple sites.

Loggers “lift” and place the bridges across streams to mitigate instability, erosion and water quality problems. The bridges are built in three 4’x20’ panels, which are placed next to each other to create a 12’ wide bridge. Bumper logs or brush are placed at the approaches of the bridge to stabilize the bridge and protect the butt ends of the bridge panels from impact during crossings.

Skidder bridges are available for rental from each of the Natural Resources Conservation Districts in Vermont for $100 a month. Please contact Hannah Dallas, Southern Vermont NRCS Forester, 802-622-4169,  [email protected]

Loggers who rent bridges are provided an educational packet that illustrates guidelines to follow for installation, use and removal of the bridges while following Acceptable Management Practices for Maintaining Water Quality on Logging Jobs in Vermont. For more information on this program and other Vermont Conservation Districts’ skidder bridge programs, please visit the Agency of Natural Resources Forests, Parks and Recreation webpage: