Tackling Invasives Together – CISMAs in Vermont – A Webinar

Monday, April 15 – 7-8 PM

Invasive species don’t understand property borders. New invasive plants can spread quickly once introduced. Seeds can be carried in transporting soil, by birds, vehicle tires, or even our own boots. Catching invasives early can prevent wider spread. 

That’s why it takes a community approach to tackle invasives. Cooperative Invasive Species Management Associations, or CISMAs, are regional partnerships that share information and manage the spread of invasives in a targeted region. Did you know that Vermont has five CISMAs? You can learn more about them and hear from their representatives at our upcoming webinar “Tackling Invasives Together: CISMAs in Vermont” on April 15 from 7-8pm. 

Join us to learn about how we can work together to slow the spread of invasive species across Vermont. Learn more and register here: https://vlt.org/events/tackling-invasives-together-cismas-in-vermont/