WC NRCD Board Meetings

The February meeting of the Windham County Conservation District Board of Supervisors will be Tuesday, February 4 at 6:30 PM at the home of Geof Dolman: 236 Barrows Rd, Brattleboro, VT 05301. Members of the public are welcome at your conservation district’s board meetings. If you would like to attend and need driving directions, please contact District Manager Cory Ross at ross.wcnrcd@gmail.com

The minutes from the January Meeting of the Windham Conservation District are below:

Windham County Natural Resource Conservation District Minutes Wednesday, Jan 8, 2020, 4:00 pm Windham NRCD Office: 28 Vernon Street, Suite 332 A, Brattleboro, VT 05301
Present: Linda Corse, Meg Kluge, Katie Ross Morrison, Geof Dolman: board supervisors; Cory Ross: district manager; Marie Caduto: VT DEC; Pieter van Loon: VT Land Trust.
Marie Caduto: Basin Plan: Deerfiekd and Lower Connecticut River Tributaries. -biggest issues in parts of watershed where there’s development. -this watershed is fairly well conserved (including National Forest, current use, etc) → 60% of basin is conserved. -use macroinvertebrate assessement to determine health of waterways. -areas below reservoirs → have poor microinvertebrate assessment. -newton brook – only impaired waterway, will be a big focus there. -have a good amount of mercury and acid rain pollution (brought in from Midwest). -wetlands in the basin are generally assessed as good. Fisheries: there are areas (such as reservoir, part of Deerfield) that don’t have trout; those areas are stocked. Acid (low pH), stream temperatures (Irene, lack of buffers in ag lands and villages, reservoir/dams), flow fluctuation due to dams, post-Irene alterations: all limits number of trout that can grow naturally. -High quality waters include Grout Pond, Green River, -Whetsone Brook, North branch Deerfield, including some lakes are impaired and have TMDL plans (Total Maximum Daily Load Plans). -Stratton and Mt Snow have water quality remediation plans. -Long Island Sound Dissolved Oxygen TMDL (actually based on Nitrogen inputs) is a high priority. -A lot of it is atmospheric (acid rain); 20% ag lands, 11% point source (water treatment plants), 6% developed land. Soon Vermont will limited to a TMDL plan for the Connecticut River (for Nitrogen). . -Whetstone, North Branch Deerfield River, Cold Brook, Broad Brook, Newton Brook, Lake Raponda, Kettle Pond → restoration priorities. -Priority Areas for Ag: Ellis Brook, North Branch Deerfield River, Whetstone Brook, Connecticut River, Newton Brook. -Kettle Pond: need to work with town, right now being used as a stormwater dump, goal to divert that stormwater elsewhere. -Roads: erosion assessments just about completed, data coming in. -Wastewater treatment plants: treat 6.6 billion gallons of water per year (contribute to increased nitrogen levels). -Clean Water Goals for Rivers: work towards equilibrium, increase floodplain access, remove unneeded dams, protect floodplains from development, etc. -Lily Pond: top priority, only example of that type of ecosystem in the state. -Black Gum Swamp: want to reclassify it; Green River – streambank restoration. -Climate change and adaptation: -Chapter 5: addresses plan implementation. NRCD is a potential partner on a number of different projects. -A number of projects have been completed since 2014. -108 projects have been proposed, and 23 have been completed. -Comment period through Jan 20. -Talked about beavers: beaver bafflers are funded by the state (fish and wildlife); beaver populations in VT are fairly healthy.
Quarterly Financial Report: -The report puts at -$517 for net income but we have about $7000 in outstanding invoices so are fine right now. -We’ve taken in $24,039.47 income in the last 2 quarters..
Skidder bridge: would be useful to get the word out about the skidder bridge. Could contact Windham Woodlands Association or Sam Schneski.
District Manager’s Report: -Pending grants: VACD: Trees for Streams – Trayhan, VACD Trees for Streams project development, AgCWIP, Basin Planning. -Grants in planning stage: VT DEC: Greeter grants; VT F&W: Watershed grant; VAAFM: Wetlands Outreach & Education. -Feb 27, 10-am – 2pm will be doing a nutrient management drop-in session, hosted with UVM extension. -Plant Sale is rolling along. Katie will send along advice about perennials.
Minutes approved for December 12, 2019.
Contact List Development: -Linda has been working on this.
Supervisor Recruitment: -Peter VanHorn (forester, works for VT Land Trust) visiting today as prospective supervisor. Lives in Marlboro.

Upcoming Dates: Supervisory Meeting with Ottauquechee District – Fri Jan 24, 1-3pm, location TBA (probably in White River Junction).
Next Meeting: February 4
Upcoming Meetings: March 11 April 8 May 13
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